70 piece MagFX Geomagnetic STEM building set - GeoSpace In Motion

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematical (STEM) magnetic puzzle blocks
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70 Piece MagFX Geomagnetic Building sets 

Magnetic puzzle toy patented in the USA, Japan, Korea, Europe Union and China.

There are many magnetic puzzle toys available in the market which is imitation and can be broken easily. our products are genuine and original from the inventor himself Dr. Larry Hunts

imitation product is fragile and can be easily broken. Broken magnet are dangerous to a child who prone to swallow it. Our product do not break easily and plastic and magnet use is high quality

This product produced by MagFX, USA. The Manufacturing is done in China.

This product is chosen as a suitable product for image training which is good for imagination and building creativity. Children can have a better expression of feeling through image playsets.

MagFX Toys are our direct supplier from Guangzhou, China. We bought this product directly from the manufacturer and we do not buy from Agents or through any other website agents such as or

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