1065 UMU Wooden Blocks Fittings

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73 Pieces Wooden Blocks comes the combination of screw, nuts, column and beams which be connected vis the provided screwdriver and spanner. You can create various models using this blocks. Manual and tools provided in the box

UMU Toys Construction Bocks are manufactured from farmed trees and were produced in CHINA. made from quality wood and conform to the international safety standards for good manufacturing practice. Paints used were child safe.

Whats in the box - see the attached pictures

Where can you use it? -

  • at home, classroom,
  • kindergarten,
  • learning center
  • or take it with you when you travel so your child can have a fruitful time 

Who should have it: 

  • Teachers
  • Parents 
  • buy it for a birthday party
  • for Christmas

Suitable for child of Age 3 and above 

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