Feelo Building Blocks - Windmill Manor

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Feelo Toy - High Quality Building Blocks

Feelo building blocks are "Lego" like building blocks which are made from high-quality plastic and safe for children. Feelo Basic plastic block consists of basic blocks which your child can connect with almost anything to your child imagination

Why Feelo China Product?

There are many toys which you can see nowadays which is made in China but carrying another brand. We called it OEM. The quality and standards conform to international standards and sold to the other "Branded" names. This branded names then sell to us at double or triple the actual manufacturing price. Here we believe that toys and the educational product should be accessible by all at a reasonable manufacturing price. 

Let your little ones unleashed their wildest imagination with our creative building blocks and lets them grow bright and smart.

You can further connect your windmill manor with the Ferris wheel (sold separately) to create something different. Buy any two of this product today and enjoy a special discount

Whats in the BOX?

This product comes with :

  1. 200pcs plastic construction blocks 
  2. storage box or plastic

Storage comes in 2 option ;

  1. Paper storage box
  2. Plastic storage box / sitting stool

​​Suitable for child 2 years and above (parental guidance recommended)

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