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About Us

Do you have any child from newborn to 6 years old? If yes, do you want to know how to unleash your child's natural but hidden learning potential?

As parents ourselves, we have 2 young children age 2 and 6 years.  We want the very best for our 2 children when it comes to expanding their brain capacity and their love for learning.

As Early Childhood Brain Development Specialists, we develop our own class materials and learning methods tailor-made to suit every child. Back by years of experience, our innovative techniques, classes and materials have given us a strong presence in the area of Whole Brain & Body Development. Our products are selected specially to enable the child to use both the left and right brains simultaneously with his or her entire body coordination.

We want to share the values of parents can educate their young ones at home through playing and having fun together as family. Unlike others, we get our products directly from our dedicated and reliable suppliers and not through any 3rd party websites.  You are rest assured the products are of good quality and highest safety standards, safe for our little ones and yours too.

Talk to us if you want to transform your children’s learning experience and nurture your children to achieve their maximum potential.

Our History

We started by educating our first child at the very young age of 1 and a half year and our second child while she's in the womb.

We started Flash Cards and much other training to our first child thru learning from the Young Brain Development gurus such as Prof. Shichida, Glenn Doman and many more. we learn mainly from books and practises on our child. we do not use force method on our child and most training are started with love and our child own wilingness to practise with us.

The result is amazing... Both our child have the capability to memorise on thier own, multiple language learning at the very young age, talking, mathematical skills and ESP. Our child love to learn and they did it naturally.

since then we have been receiving invites to talks at other brain development learning centers and also live Talks on BERNAMA TV

Eversince we started the learning centres we have many parents request us to sell the playsets which we have used in our centres and from then onwards we started earlygeniuses.com

Our Products

The products we sell here are mainly brain development materials and toys which you can use in home practises with your little ones. Just to name a few:

a. Home practises Stationary - Velcro, laminating films, binding combs, flash cards stocks and etc

b. Toys - Playsets

c. Toys - Wooden Blocks Puzzle 

d. Books - chinese and english books 

e. Classes

Our Guarantees

All our products are are bought thru our direct and trusted suppliers from china. we DO not get from others ecommerce websites like Taobao.com, lelong.com etc. 

All our product were bought directly and delivered to our Partners warehouse in Guangzhou and Yiwu, China. The products are carefully packed and shipped directly to Malaysia Via Seafreight.

Our trusted Suppliers are as follows:

a. MagFX Magnetic Products -

Magnetic puzzle toy patented in the USA, Japan, Korea, Europe Union and China.

There are many magnetic puzzle toys available in the market which is imitation and can be broken easily. Our products are genuine and original from the inventor himself Dr. Larry Hunts

b.  Space Think Co. Ltd,

c. Feelo Product - Lego like product comes in many different themes. 

d. UMU toys products 

e. OkeeNI Clay Product